Thursday, 22 August 2013

Power Rangers

There's Power Ranger fever in our house. I'm pretty sure these bento will make my sons wrapped :)
My eldest son is keen on the Red Ranger, and my little one's favorite is Blue Ranger. Now, those colors become their favorite color...

For my little one, I prepared :
1. Blue Power Ranger (hard boiled egg, eggsheet, cheese, and nori)
2. Bacon & cheese scrolls
3. Crab sticks and chikuwa
4. Lettuce
5. Rockmelon cuts

And for my eldest sone, I prepared :
1. Red Power Ranger (hard boiled egg, eggsheet, and nori)
2. Onigiri decorated with nori & cheese
3. Prawn tempura and halves chikuwa
4. Broccoli and lettuce