Friday, 16 January 2015

Rice Balls Bento

The kids are still in the holiday, so I arranged a school holiday activity which is bento making. I really wanted to use my new lunch box, so we only made one set of bento for sharing. After brainstorming with the kids and checking what was left in the fridge, we came up with this idea. The kids were enjoying all the process, and gobbled up all the foods in no time :)

Details as below :

Inside this box :
1. A boy hard boiled egg (with spinach for the hair, nori for the eyes, the nose & the mouth, and red crab stick for the rosy cheeks)
2. A girl hard boiled egg (with carrot for the hair, spinach for the hair clips, nori for the eyes & nose, and red crabstick for the mouth)
3. Rose carved carrot and cucumber slices
4. Cheese Kransky sausages
5. Carved apple

And for the three types of rice balls/onigiri, there are :
1. Onigiri with salmon furikake on top
2. Onigiri wrapped with spinach leaf
3. Onigiri decorated with nori and carrot

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Moroccan Chicken and Vegetables Couscous Bento

Couscous is a wheat product and is very popular in the Middle East. It can be used as a fluffy grain alternative to rice. Here I share a couscous recipe that is so scrumptious and very easy to make.

Moroccan Chicken and Vegetable Couscous

475 g chicken thigh fillets
Moroccan spice mix as needed
2 cups water/chicken stock
325 g Instant couscous, (uncooked)
2 Lebanese cucumber, diced
1 medium red tomato, diced
2 carrots, diced
1 handful sultanas
1/2 bunch parsley, minced

For dressing 
1 garlic, minced
1 lemon, medium (grate the rind and squeeze the lemon)
3 tablespoons olive oil
salt & pepper as needed

Cooking method
1. Sprinkle the Moroccan spice mix over the chicken thigh fillets until well covered, then grill them until cooked.  
2. Prepare the dressing. Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar with the lid, and shake it vigorously until well mixed. 
3. Boil water/chicken stock and pour over the couscous in a mixing bowl. Stir for 30 seconds and let stand, covered, for 5 minutes. With a fork, loosen the couscous to break up any large clumps. 
4. Pour the diced vegetables and the sultanas into a large mixing bowl, mix well.
5. Sprinkle the parsley and pour the dressing over the vegetables couscous and mix in well. 
6. Serve with grilled chicken on the side.

I prepared this bento for my husband's lunch. Inside the box :
1. Vegetables couscous
2. Grilled Moroccan chicken
3. Checker apple

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