Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hollow Tree

Happy halloween, everyone :) Today is the last day of halloween theme. This bento consists of :
1. Hollow tree sandwich (cheese, nori, eggsheet)
2. Jack O' Lantern carrots
3. Sausages
4. Corn on the cob
5. Asparagus tips rolled with ham
6. Tamagoyaki
7. Lettuce and baby carrot

Spider Web

This bento consists of :
1. Spider web sandwich (nutela, nori)
2. Corn on the cob
3. Pandan eggrolls
4. Candy sausage
5. Lettuce and baby carrot

To draw the web, you may like to use this :

Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Banner

I made this bento for my little one. Suitable for his little tummy and short time recess.
It consists of :
1. Halloween banner sandwich (carrot, nori, and cheese)
2. Scared sausages and flower sausages
3. Broccoli and cheese
4. Lettuce and baby carrots
5. Guava jelly

Wizard Jack O' Lantern

This bento is for my year 1 son. It consists of :
1. Steamed rice with Wizard Jack O' Lantern on top (tomato ketchup, nori, carrot ribbon, & enoki mushroom)
2. Pineapple cut squids
3. Broccoli and baby carrots
4. Guava Jelly

Bebento A42

This special bento is for my hubby. It consists of :
1. Steamed rice with sprinkle of furikake
2. Rose red radish and broccoli stem
3. Pineapple cut squids
4. Grilled chicken drummettes
5. Crab meatball
6. Lettuce and enoki mushroom

Friday, 26 October 2012

Cute Monster

This bento consists of :
1. Cute monster sandwich (eggsheet, nori, black sesame seed, and bread crust).
2. Corn on the cob
3. Tamagoyaki (egg roll)
4. Octopus and crab sausages
5. Broccoli

Haunted House

For my year 1 son, I made this Haunted House bento, it consists of :
1. Haunted house sandwich (eggsheet and nori)
2. Corn on the cob
3. Sausages
4. Broccoli, lettuce, carved baby carrot and carrot leaves.

And for his fruit time, I carved him a swan from Royal Gala Apple. A bit tricky to carry to school because of its shape. At the end, I just put it inside a resealable sandwich bag and it still turned out to be alright up to recess time, thank goodness :)

Here are some Halloween cutters you may like :

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Ultimate Halloween Theme

I was so excited in making this halloween-themed bento. It really looks spooky :)

It consists of :
1. Mummy sausage dog (sausage rolled with puff pastry)
2. Spooky fingers (puff pastry and beetroot slices as the nails) and eyeball (crab meatball & nori) inside the    cauldron (Fennel bulb).
3. Apple "mouth" with fangs from almond slices
4. "Skull" hard boiled egg with nori
5. Jack O' Lantern (yellow capsicum and nori)
6. Rose carved red radish and zucchini ribbon carved.
7. "Worm" sausage
8. Fennel leaf as decoration

BOTW: Halloween

Count Dracula

This Bento I made for my year 1 son. It consists of :
1. Count Dracula and bats (steamed rice, half boiled egg, nori, apple, cheese, and black sesame seed)
2. Corn on the cob
3. "Eyeball" crab meatball and nori
4. Sausages
5. "Spider web" cheese on top of broccoli
6. Lettuce and baby carrot

Black Cat

This bento consists of :
1. Black cat onigiri (steamed rice, nori, white egg, and angel hair pasta)
2. "Skull" hard boiled egg and nori
3. Chicken karage & chicken pop
4. "Eyeball" crab meatball and nori
5. Ham rolled with zucchini
6. "Jack O' Lantern" carrot and nori
7. Broccoli and zucchini

Happy Ghost

This bento consists of :
1. Ghost onigiri (steamed rice, nori, sausage skin)
2. "Eyeball" (crab meatball and nori)
3. Sausages
4. Jack O' Lantern carrot with nori
5. Broccoli and zucchini

Stuffed Bear Halloween

For my preschooler son, I made this stuffed bear halloween for his lunch box. It consists of :
1. Stuffed bear sandwich (sandwich filled with Nutella, Coco Pop for eyes & nose, and nori for the web).
2. Corn on the cob
3. Tulip sausage
4. Half boiled egg with bug stamp on it
5. Apple
6. Lettuce and baby carrot

You may find similar sandwich stamps in here :

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Mummy

This bento consists of :
1. The mummy sandwich (sandwich wrapped with sliced cheese, nori)
2. Broccoli and carved carrot
3. "Car-shaped" hard boiled egg
4. Jack O' Lantern mandarin with nori.
5. Ham "flower".
6. Carved red radish and zucchini
7. "Bugs" Pitted prunes

For carving knife you may find here :

Year 1 Halloween Bento

This one I made for my year one son.

The red lunch box consists of :
1. Corn on the cob
2. Ham flower rolled with zucchini
3. Mummy sausage (sausage wrapped with puff pastry)
4. Jack O' Lantern kumquat
5. Creepy Dracula mouth with fangs (apple and sliced almond)
6. Spooky corpus (quail egg, nori, cheese, red radish, and toothpick)
7. "Cockroach" pitted prunes
8. Broccoli with "web" cheese on top

In the white lunch box I put apple with "caterpillar" made of peas, angel hair pasta, and black sesame seed.

Preschool Halloween

This October will be Halloween themed. I made this bento for my preschooler. It consists of :
1. Mummy sausage (sausage wrapped in puff pastry)
2. Creepy finger (puff pastry and beetroot for the nail & colour)
3. Spooky Draculla mouth with fangs (apple with almond sliced)
4. Eyeball (quail egg, nori, and beetroot sauce)
5. Carved red roses (beetroot and zucchini)
6. Cheese sliced
7. Blueberry yogurt

Flower Onigiri

This bento consists of :
1. Flower onigiri (shaped into heart & star mould), carrot flower and black sesame seed.
2. Chicken liver cooked with sweet soy sauce and garlic
3. Stir fried chinese cabbage and beans
4. Shredded roast chicken
5. Carved red radish and zucchini

You may find these tools to make your work faster & easier :