Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The other Western Australia's native animal that my son keeps talking about is Numbat. Here's how it looks :)
This box consists of :
1. Steamed rice with numbat on top (from egg sheet coloured with sweet soy sauce and cheese for the stripes).
2. Prawn fried with Panko breadcrumb
3. Broccoli and carrots
4. Mushroom from roma tomato with white egg sheet as the dots.
5. Aprikot sundried
6. Ham roll with stringbeans inside.
7. Corriander leaves.

Black Swan in the Lake

My year 1 son had history lesson in class about native animals in Western Australia. One of the animals is Black Swan. It's good to incorporate the bento themes with the school lessons so that he will enjoy the learning process much more.
This bento box consists of :
1. Steamed rice with nori black swan on top.
2. Prawn fried with panko breadcrumb.
3. Egg rolls filled with furikake
4. Chicken nuggets
5. Asparagus rolled with ham.
6. Broccoli and carrots flower & butterfly

Bear Sandwich Bento

I made this bento box for my pre-school son, so it's just simple and not too many fillings.
It consists of :
1. Bear sandwich and little square sandwich with carrot flower and cheese on top.
2. Egg roll filled with furikake
3. Ham roll filled with stringbeans.
4. Prawn fried with panko breadcrumb
5. Broccoli, carrot flower & butterfly
6. Green grapes

Bebento A13

This box consists of :
1. Onigiri with prawn on top
2. Bitter melon cooked with mince pork and garlic black bean sauce
3. Roma tomato
4. Asparagus, carrot, beetroot and broccoli stem.

Friday, 24 February 2012


This box consist of :
1. Canimal character Onigiri
2. Japanese man boiled egg
3. Sausages
4. Nuggets
5. Broccoli and carrots


This box consists of :
1. Octopus sandwich
2. Crab sausage
3. Sundried apricot
4. Chikuwa filled with carrot sticks
5. Broccoli

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bebento A12

This box consists of :
1. Steamed rice with beetroot cubes on top
2. Chikuwa filled with carrot sticks
3. Cod fishcakes
4. Bamboo shoot cooked with chicken mince
5. Pickled mustard cooked with pork
6. Pork belly cooked with baby potato and Shiao Xing Wine.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Panda Onigiri

This box consists of :
1. Panda Onigiri
2. Cow boiled egg
3. Sausages
4. Carrot, peas & corn, lettuce

Polkadot Fish

 This box consists of :
1. Onigiri fish (steamed rice coloured with beetroot juice).
2. Potato Prawns
3. Hard boiled egg
4. Sausages
5. Carrot and lettuce

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Bento

This is the first Valentine Bento that I made for my hubby.
The box consists of :
1. Heart-shaped rice onigiri (coloured with beetroot juice)
2. Boiled egg
3. Bamboo shoot with chicken mince and egg.
4. Chikuwa filled with carrot sticks.
5. Cod fish cake
6. Lettuce
7. Red grapes

Valentine Lion

To celebrate Valentine's day, I made this valentine lion for my kids.
The red box consists of : sandwich with cheese on top, croissant, nuggets, ham roll, carrot and lettuce.
The blue box consists of : apples for the rabbits and chess checkers.

Pink and Yellow Ladybug

This box consists of:
1. Half boiled egg (coloured with beetroot juice)
2. Rice onigiri (coloured with egg yolk).
3. Ham
4. Chicken nuggets
5. Carrot and lettuce
6. Red grapes

Friday, 10 February 2012

Mama & Baby Bird

This box consists of :
1. Mama bird onigiri (the yellow colour is from egg yolk).
2. Baby bird boiled egg on the nest (fried noodle)
3. Ham flower
4. Chicken karage and mini chikuwa filled with carrot slice
5. Lettuce and carrots

King and Queen Frog

This box consists of :
1. Frog onigiri (the green colour is from the peas)
2. Ham rolls
3. Prawn tempura
4. Broccoli with little flower made from corn & carrot
5. Corn on the cob
6. Lettuce

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Bears and Honey Pot

This Bento box consists of :
1. Bears onigiri (the brown color is from soy sauce).
2. Quail egg
3. Prawn tempura
4. Broccoli with black sesame seed
5. Corn on the cob
6. Lettuce and carrots

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Bebento A11

This simple Bento, consists of :
1. Steamed rice with furikake and "mushroom" Roma tomato on top.
2. Drumstick Argentinian grill chicken with brussel sprout and lentil salad
3. Fried noodle with pickle and chili
4. Red and green grape

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sleeping Teddy

This box consists of :
1. Sandwich for the blanket with "Teddy bear"" cheese in it.
2. Ham & sausages
3. Ninja boiled egg
4. Corn on the cob
5. Lettuce and carrot flowers.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Moo Cow

This box consists of Cow sandwich, ham, sausages, quail egg, nuggets, baby corn, carrot and lettuce.


The big box consist of : Totoro sandwich, nuggets, sausages,quail egg,carrot sticks, baby corn with peas and corn, Kellogs nutri grain on a stick,broccoli and lettuce

The small box consists of : apples and grapes

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Today my eldest son starts his Year 1. So I packed this bento box for his lunch, that consists of :
1. Echidna sandwich with flower carrot and sausage
2. Corn in the cob
3. Nuggets and piggy sausages
4. Hatched bird quail egg
5. Baby corn
6. Broccoli & lettuce

Sharing Bento

The kids played 'having lunch in the restaurant' and they asked for a bento that can be shared. They picked  a large box.

The box consists of :
1. Triangular sandwich with cheese and ham
2. Cracker with "bird" cheese
3. Little mice quails
4. Banana
5. Grapes on sticks
6. Sausage and nuggets
7. Peas and corn
8. Broccoli and lettuce