Thursday, 31 December 2015

Round Up 2015

To round up year 2015, here I share 15 of my favourite creations. And if you want to read the post further, you may click the link on each title below.

I would like to thank you all for your supports and for being with me in my bento journey. Looking forward to sharing more creations and recipes in 2016! 

These are my 15 favourite creations in 2015 (in random order) :

1. Rice Balls Bento

This bento has a special place in my heart because my sons and I made it together as a team. It was part of our school holiday activities and we were really had a great time together. 

I love this couscous recipe so much because it bursts with colours and is so healthy. I made this bento for my husband, and I shared the recipe in the post. Yum!

3. First Day of School in 2015

During my bento making journey, I like to mark special events by creating special bento. For this post, I especially love the cheese sandwiches with the writing on them, the penguins, and datemaki  (sweet rolled omelette).

4. Phineas Croissants Bento

I really love how the eyes food picks work. It adds extra cuteness in no time. I also love the pizza flavoured Turtle Bun. You may find the recipe here.

5. Tempura Bento

This is the first time I made tempura batter from scratch and I absolutely enjoyed the results. They looked gorgeous in my new bento box. I shared the tempura batter recipe in this post.

6. Easter Bunny Rolls Bento

Look how cute those bunnies are! No doubt it is one of my favourite post this year. I shared the recipe of the bunny rolls in this post.

7. 2015 International Bento Contest

One of my highlight is to participate in the 2015 International Bento Contest by Bento & Co. Although I did not win this time, I really enjoyed every steps of making this creation.

8. Minecraft Birthday Cakes

One of my hobbies beside making bento is making birthday cakes, especially with fondant icing. This post is special for me because I made this cake for my son's birthday. It was a special request from him as you can guess, he is one of Minecraft game fans :)

9. Pretty Sushi Bento

My sons' love their sushi. I love this post because it looks so pretty and colourful. So appetising! To learn more about sushi, you may click this post.

10. Teddies are Back to School

I love my kids. Even though they are in pre-school no more, they are still willing to bring these kind of cute lunches to school. They do not feel embarrassed whatsoever. Thank you, my sweeties!

11. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

To celebrate the Roald Dahl day, I tried to create Mr. Willy Wonka from Roald Dahl's famous book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and I was really pleased with how it turned out.

12. Baymax Onigiri Bento

It was one of my boys' favourite movie character, Baymax from Big Hero 6. The onigiri was pretty easy to make and the honey sesame chicken tasted divine. I shared the recipe in this post.

13. Cute Spiders Bento

 I remember I had so much fun making this bento for the Halloween-themed. The spiders are so cute and adorable. Love them!

14. Inside Out Birthday-themed

One of my memorable moment is making this Inside-Out birthday cake for my son. I tried to make the "Joy" figurine from scratch, and pretty happy with the result. To see his reaction is worth the effort. 

15. Rudolf Cheese Puffs

Last but not least is the Rudolf cheese puffs. I really love this recipe and to create Rudolf in the Christmas bento-themed is just so much fun!

"Happy New Year to you all..."
"Wishing you a prosperous new year and may all your dreams from the last year turn into achievements during 2016"

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