Friday, 19 June 2015

Kid's Favourite Bento

These are my kid's favourite meals for school lunch or snack after school. They are ham & cheese mini croissants, steamed buns with ham & cheese filling, and siomay with fish roe on top. My little one loves the addition of fish roe, he said they popped in his mouth :)

So, for my youngest son, I prepared :
1. Ham & cheese croissant
2. Ham & cheese steamed bun (recipe for steamed bun here)
3. Siomay with fish roe on top (recipe here)
4. Corn on the cob
5. Carrot sticks
6. Apple cuts for recess

And my eldest son had the same lunches except he had mandarin for recess.


  1. I just made ham and cheese croissants for the freezer. My sister liked them so much we sent her home with a few today. They were easy for her to eat after dental work.

    1. Good to hear. Hope your sister feels better soon...