Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Have a blessed Easter and a safe long weekend!

For the last day of school before Easter holiday, I prepared :

This one is for my eldest son. It consists of :
1. "Easter chicks" sandwich ( cheese, carrot, nori, eggsheet, and black sesame seed)
2. Corn on the cob
3. A box of Sultanas
4. Leek leaf

My little one was so excited to go to school today because his teacher told him that Easter bunny will be visiting and putting Easter eggs into their little baskets that they had prepared.

So I prepared this Easter basket bento for him. It consists of :
1. "Easter basket" sandwich (sandwich, bread crust, eggsheet, and nori)
2. Sultanas and "Easter" letter cut out of flattened white sandwich.
3. Polkadot hard boiled egg
4. Corn on the cob
5. Carrot sticks and leek leaf as divider

Similar tools I used for this post :

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