Thursday, 4 April 2013

Peppa Pig and Panda's Family

First day of school after Easter holiday. I prepared Peppa Pig and Panda's family for the kids. Detail as below :

My eldest son requested rice in his bento. So I prepared :
1. Panda's family onigiri (white steamed rice and nori)
2. "Crab" sausages and crab meatball
3. Tamagoyaki
4. Broccoli and carrot "flower"

And since my little one loves Peppa Pig so much, I prepared :
1. "Peppa Pig" cheese sandwich (eggsheet, ham, black sesame seed and nori)
2. "Tulip" sausage
3.  Tamagoyaki
4. Carrot "flowers"
5. Kiwi fruit

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