Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Apple, Bacon, and Maple Muffins Bento

I am really intrigued by the apple, bacon, and maple muffins recipe from Mouths of Moms. I know that pork and apple go together really well, so I guess this combination should work, shouldn't it ? 

This recipe is perfect for school lunch box filler or snack after school.

If you are as curious as me, here I share you the recipe to try :

Apple, Bacon and Maple Muffins
(makes 12 Muffins)

Ingredients :
1 Brown Onion
1 Large Apple (grated)
5 rashes of bacon
1 tbsp butter
1.5 cups Self Raising Flour
1 cup Wholemeal flour
1 Egg (beaten)
1 cup Milk
4 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 cup olive oil
3/4 cup grated cheese

Method :
1. Heat oven to about 200 degrees Celsius. Lightly grease a 12 muffin tray with butter.
2. Chop bacon and onion into small cubes. 
3. Grate one large apple (skin and all).
4. Heat butter in a frying pan over medium heat to fry onion and bacon. 
5. Cook till onion goes translucent and soft. 
6. Stir in half of the maple syrup.
7. Stir through grated apple then remove from heat and set aside to cool.
8. Sift both white and wholemeal self raising flour into a large bowl.
9. In a jug, lightly beat an egg with milk and olive oil. 
10. Add mixture to the flour and gently stir until almost combined.
11. Gently fold in bacon and apple mixture, cheese and the rest of the maple syrup.
12. Spoon into muffin tray (this mix will is pretty much going to fill every cup in a standard muffin tray).
13. Bake in the middle tray for 18-20 mins or until a test skewer comes out clean.
14. Enjoy!

For my youngest son, I prepared :
1. Apple, bacon, and maple muffin
2. Siomay with fish roe on top (recipe here)
3. Salmon quiche (recipe here)
4. Milk jelly with nata de coco
5. Apple cuts for recess

My eldest son had similar lunch to his brother, but he had rockmelon cuts for recess instead.