Tuesday, 16 September 2014

NHK World : Bento - The Global Lunchbox Project

NHK WORLD aired a special program : BENTO - The Global Lunchbox Project on Sunday, 14th Sep 2014. The show was about how bento as Japanese culture has spread all around the world. 

I feel so honoured to be able to participate in this project. It was a great experience, and it reminds me why I'm so passionate with bento. 

Here are some of the participants from around the world (Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, UK, and France). And picture in the middle is my bento creation.

Which one is me ?

Yup, that's me :)

Here I showed some techniques to make checker apple

And how to make sunflower from egg and sausage

Here is the result. Since  September is the beginning of spring in Australia, I named my creation : "Welcoming Spring Bento"

You may visit this website to see for other participants, and share your bento creations as well...

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