Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Triplets Sausage and Sandwich Rolls

Sausages and sandwich rolls are my son's favorites, and it's pretty easy to make.
Here is how to make it :
1. Flatten white sandwich (remove the crusts), spread tomato ketchup, and cheese.
2. Then roll in with sausage inside.
3. Fry at medium heat until golden brown.
4. Cut into 3 slices.

I decorated it with nori and black sesame seed to make it look cute. To fill in the gap, I put spring onion that I cut and soaked in water to create "flower".

In the other side of lunch box, there are :
* Two halves of hard boiled egg decorated with nori
* Cup of sultanas
* apples
* "flower" carrot and coriander leaf

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